Coppermine 3-Dimensional Model
Click here to download the complete model as a QuickTime Movie - 12 MB file.

The Coppermine Block 3-D Geological Model (2005) illustrates the way in which geologists design and advance the exploration and drilling program, by using data integration. Different types of spatial data such as structural data, geochemical data, drilling logs, and data derived from the interpretation of geophysical surveys are plotted in the 3-dimensional space. Then, main features such as rock formations contacts, faults, geophysical and geochemical anomalies are analyzed together interactively.

In order to simplify the presentation, the movie shows only a few of the data sets involved in the modeling at the time. The yellow blobs which appear on the surface represent prospective targets for follow-up with ground geophysical surveys or drilling. They indicate areas where several favourable conditions for uranium concentration come together – fault and lineament intersections, relatively shallow basement depth, surface geochemical anomalies, etc.

Project photos coming soon